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branded content

branded content


Branded content is ideas that bring entertainment value to brands and that integrate brands into entertainment.

It means taking the philosophy and message of a brand and translating that into entertainment properties that consumers want to engage with.

Creating brand entertainment based on the things that really matter, consumers volunteer their attention. It is the move from interruption to attraction.

Your Message Made Easy can help you introduce branded content into your marketing mix. We combine great presenters and producers with savvy, young IT people to ensure you get the best results from the exciting world of new broadcast technologies.

What are the benefits of branded content?
  • It’s a business partnership

    It’s the convergence of the marketing trinity: brand, content and media.

  • It’s content driven

    Companies can deliver either ‘targeted content’, full of information relevant to users, or ‘loose content’ which provides brands with credibility and profile by association

  • It reaches the users you want

    Create content and use platforms to reach either existing customers or a specific, new market – with minimum wastage.

  • It’s universal

    It uses the whole range of today’s broadcast platforms, including social networking sites, around the globe.

  • It’s anytime, anywhere

    It’s unmissable and it’s flexible, listen or watch whenever, wherever

  • It’s easy to access

    Users can receive new content automatically

  • Contact is only a click away

    Use your message to persuade users to “click and buy”

  • It increases your credibility

    Deliver free up-to-the-minute news from your industry and your company

  • It increases customer loyalty

    Our producers know the tricks that encourage viewers and listeners to keep coming back for more

  • It increases user interaction

    Answer user problems, engage them in discussion, market your product

  • It’s good for employees

    Internal company messaging improves employee motivation and loyalty; it’s also a great training device

  • It’s unique

    It’s your messages on the most powerful marketing platforms ever developed